I am a Mother of three beautiful children, an International Speaker, Assistant Professor, Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Business Owner of a thriving mental health group therapy practice, A & A Counseling and Wellness Services, and a fast-selling author of inspirational books for women. I wear many hats, that’s why self-care is essential and I teach mothers and leaders how to incorporate it into their daily lives.
I am an Assistant Professor at California State University of San Bernardino with a speciality in mental health, researching methods to address barriers to maternal health. I also research positive and negative emotional responses among clinical practitioners, focusing on preventative interventions to enhance their mental wellness. 

I founded Arkadie Communications, a literary consultant business to be able to provide powerful information that motivates mothers and individuals towards positive change. Additionally, I have been successful in coaching those in leadership roles to find a healthy life balance.

I believe that everyone has the potential for greatness, but may need someone to assist them along the way and show the proper steps needed to obtain success. 

“Authentic, Engaging, & Personable” are the adjectives that have been used to describe me as a speaker. My engaging and witty personality has audiences intrigued and captivated. As a speaker, my goal is to educate, enhance, and empower, by speaking on mental wellness topics that will transform my audience. 

As a speaker, I provide valuable resources and tools on how find peace, balance, joy, motivation, purpose, self-confidence, self-love, acceptance, and overall mental wellness. DON’T WAIT, RESERVE MY SERVICES TODAY!! 

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